Any business can say great things about themselves.

It’s what their customers say that matters most.


Thank you for your quick service, I was suprised my job was measured, ordered, and installed in less than a week.
- C. Kerna

I have had other companies install floors for me before, however I was suprised that you came out with your installation crew to introduce them to me, than showed up before the job was completed to make sure I was satisfied and happy. Thank you so much.
- Anonymous

I love shopping locally and was grateful that I could buy my blinds, hardwood and area rug, under one roof. I will return. Thanks again.
- J. Johnston

“I’ve been using them for years. I just think they’re great. We’ve never had a problem with them.”
- P. C.

“They were a great company to do business with. They were all very personable. I had a unique floor and they did a wonderful job on it. I will use them again.”
- Gail G.

“They have a wide variety of products for every budget. They are willing to work with you. They are pleasant to work with. Their work is very professional.”
- Jacque C.

“The selection, the installation, the knowledge and the pricing”
- K. D.

“The personal service, the final product and the pricing”
- M. C. C.

“Whenever there was a problem, he was quick to fix it.”
- P. G. U. S. D.

“Their response to my needs”
- P. C. P.

“I liked the quickness of the crew and the cost-effective nature of the project that was done.”
- R. M. S.

“I liked their service. They did what they said they would do. They did a good job.”
- A. H.

“They are fast and efficient. They do what they say they’re going to do. They are great.”
- Elinor P.

“I went there and they gave me what I wanted.”
- Joann E.

“That they are a local store, and I am a local girl. They are nice.”
- Shanon T.

“I just know that I can trust them.”
- Shari C.

“Personal touch and quality of service”
- Alice H.

“I think Tony really wants to make his clients happy.”
- Amanda M.

“They did what they said they were going to do. They were prompt, courteous and professional.”
- Jill H.

“They’re quick to fix problems.”
- Betty P.

“They were very helpful and they gave me good advice. They helped me carry things to my car.”
- Suzy D.

“They were very friendly, accommodating and quick.”
- Callie J.

“I thought they were great. They put in my hardwood floors about a year ago.”
- Cherry J.

“We like Tony. We found the carpet we were looking for, so the selection was good. The installation was great.”
- Becky S.

“Great customer service, as they just did a great job.”
- Chris D.

“They were honest. They did what they said they would do and took care of everything.”
 – DeAnne A.

“They were very professional.”
- Debbie G.

“The service, they delivered on what they promised.”
- Don G.

“They came on time and got the job done quickly.”
- Don S.

“They delivered on what they said they would.”
 – Dorothy H.